Meet Shenandoah Taylor

Shenandoah is an independent licensed insurance agent that enjoys helping individuals and families protect what matters the most. She believes that building and maintaining a relationship with clients is a top priority. Each individual and family is unique, so she work together with each person to customize coverage for their needs.


TL Insurance Solutions mission is to assist families and individuals create generational wealth and leave legacies through life insurance.


Know More About Tl Insurance Solutions

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Life insurance is a tax free tool that can be passed down to create generational wealth, and leave legacies. It creates a peace of mind for your love ones. Lets face it GoFundMe, Dinner sales, fundraisers and donations only go so far.

Life insurance can be as little as $10 per month. There are different factors that goes into determining your premiums such as age, gender, height, weight and medical history to name a few.

It’s great that you have life insurance through your employer; however, it is recommended to have your own independent policy since you do not own the policy your employer provides